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Twenty 20 cricket-Cricket is no longer boring

Twenty 20 cricket match The World of Twenty 20 cricket

Twenty 20 cricket is set to revolutionize the world of cricket. Twenty 20 cricket is the natural evolution of the sport of cricket.

The dull dreary world of test match cricket was slowly replaced by one day international cricket matches. But now, Twenty 20 cricket seems set to replace both forms of cricket.

Twenty 20 cricket - No turning back anymore!

Domestic Twenty 20 cricket tournaments are being announced by almost every cricket team in the world on their annual cricket calendars. Twenty 20 cricket is exciting and fun and the Stanford 20/20 cricket tournament was probably the key tournament in bringing back West Indies fans to cricket stadiums and perhaps a factor in the rejuvenation of West Indies cricket.

Twenty 20 domestic cricket tournaments such as the State Twenty 20 cricket tournament in New Zealand, the Twenty 20 cup in England,the Twenty 20 Big Bash in Australia and the Pro20 series in South Africa have been huge cricketing successes

Twenty 20 World Cup- The uncorking of the champagne for Twenty 20 cricket.

The Twenty 20 World cup cricket tournament for all leading world cricket teams will be held in South Africa in 2007. Though the Twenty 20 world cup immediately follows the official cricket one day international world cup in the West Indies, one can be rest assured that the timing will not take the sheen off the Twenty 20 World cup.

A comparison of the Twenty 20 world cup cricket tournament in South Africa and the cricket one day international World cup in the West Indies, will make it clear that Twenty 20 cricket tournaments are here to stay and the Twenty 20 cricket format is the future of world cricket.

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